The Mortuary Lift Company wants to help you improve your efficiency and make the most of your equipment. Our resources page will help you find the information you may need that pertains to the equipment we offer. You can find our catalog, instructions, and manuals to help you.

Operation and Maintenance Manuals

1. Ultimate 1000 Lift: Operation & Maintenance Manual


Part #ML-016P & ML-016W

2. Ultimate 1000 Lift: Operation & Maintenance Manual


Part #ML-018P

3. Ultimate Lift 1000: Operation & Maintenance Manual



Mortuary Lift

Part #ML-018W

4. Ultimate 1000 Lift: Operation & Maintenance Manual


Mortuary Lift

Part #ML-013P & ML-014W

Operating Instructions Manual for the Ultimate 1000 Lift: Models ML-013P & ML-014W.

5. The Stepper Operation Manual

The Stepper Operation Manual

6. Required Inspection & Maintenance Checklist

Mortuary Lift

7. Required Yearly Maintenance Procedures

Mortuary Lift

8. Tug-Along Manual

Mortuary Lift

Installation Resources

1. Installation Suggestions Booklet

Mortuary Lift

2. Instructions for Installing Freedom Pivot Machine

Mortuary Lift

Manual for the Installation of the Freedom Pivot Machine.

3. Track Installation Manual

Mortuary Lift

4. Track Installation Parameters

Mortuary Lift

5. Ultimate 1000 Lift Specifications

Mortuary Lift

Specifications for the Ultimate 1000 Lift.

6. Mounting Base Plate

Mortuary Lift

This is a diagram of the mounting base plate of the Ultimate 1000 Lift.

7. Load Bar Instructions

8. Motor and Transmission Alignment

Mortuary Lift

9. I-Beam Festooning Installation

Mortuary Lift

10. Track Stop Bolts

Mortuary Lift

11. Load Scale Calibration Procedure

Instructions on Calibrating the Load Scale.


Mortuary Lift

Instructions on how to replace the white nylon straps Ultimate 1000 Lift.

13. Installing Ultimate 1000 Lift To Gantry System

Mortuary Lift

Instructions on Installing Ultimate 1000 Lift to Gantry System

Replacement Part Instructions

1. Head Sling Instructions

Instructions on how to use and attach the Head Sling to the white nylon straps.

2. Strap Replacement Instructions

Mortuary Lift

Strap Replacement Instructions Part #RP-011.

3. Wireless Remote-Board Frequency Change Procedures

Mortuary Lift

Manual for resetting the frequency of your wireless keyfob remote.

4. Receiver Board Replacement Procedure

Mortuary Lift

Instructions on how to replace the Receiver Board for Model ML-014W.