The Mortuary Lift Company wants to help you improve your efficiency and make the most of your equipment. Our resources page will help you find the information you may need that pertains to the equipment we offer. You can find our catalog, instructions, and manuals to help you.

Catalogues and Flyers

1. Mortuary Lift Catalog

2. Mortuary Lift Catalog in Spanish

3. Mortuary Lift Catalog in French

4. The Stepper Brochure

The Stepper Brochure

5. Common Custom Track Systems

Commonly used track systems.

6. All Access System

Diagram showing an All Access System

7. Ceiling-less Gantry System

Mortuary Lift

Instructions on how to replace the white nylon straps on The Ultimate 1000 Lift.

8. Ultimate 1000 Lift Flyer

Mortuary Lift

9. The Stepper Flyer

Mortuary Lift

10. The Tug-Along Flyer

Mortuary Lift