Specialty Funeral Home Body Coolers

Your Trusted Source for High Quality Body Coolers

At Mortuary Lift Company, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of technology to enhance funeral home efficiency. For over five decades, we’ve been leaders in funeral industry innovation, providing top-quality products that optimize space and productivity. Our specialty coolers are designed to maximize floor space while maintaining proper temperature ranges (14-41 degrees Fahrenheit) with a durable stainless steel body and digital display, ensuring cleanliness and efficiency. Built in the USA to the highest standards, our coolers are ideal for any funeral home. We offer a range of products including casket lifts, body coolers, gantries, and steppers.

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QuickChill 2- and 3-Stretcher Coolers + Stackable Pod Coolers

Three Body Cooler for Funeral Home and Morgue

QuickChill Pod Coolers – Moveable, Stackable

Our movable, stackable pod body coolers with removable wheels are designed to maximize space and efficiency in funeral homes and morgues. These coolers provide a flexible and convenient solution for body storage, allowing for easy transport and reconfiguration as needed. Built with durable materials and precise temperature control, they ensure optimal preservation conditions while maintaining a clean and organized environment.