Mortuary Body Racks

Heavy Duty Cantilevered Body Racks for Morgues and Funeral Homes

Custom Body Cooler

At Mortuary Lift Company, we proudly present our heavy-duty cantilevered body racks, specifically designed for morgues and funeral homes. Engineered to provide unparalleled strength and durability, these body racks ensure efficient and safe storage of bodies, maximizing space utilization while maintaining a respectful and professional environment. Our cantilevered design allows for easy access and maneuverability, reducing physical strain and enhancing operational efficiency. Trust Mortuary Lift Company for reliable, high-quality solutions tailored to meet the demanding needs of your facility.

Standard body rack:

  • 2 sets of arms per rack
  • 48″ wide
  • 38″ deep arms
  • 96″ total height
  • 13,300lb capacity

Contact us at (319-364-4910) for a custom rack quote. Or shop online today for our standard rack systems.

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