Mortuary Lift Company Certification

The Mortuary Lift Company Certification enables funeral homes to showcase to their families, employees, and prospective employees that they have taken the steps to create a caring, compassionate and dignified work environment.

Displaying the Mortuary Lift Company Certification Logo on your website, employee recruiting tools, and business cards lets the world know that your funeral home is dedicated to investing in the best equipment and staff to take care of their loved ones.

All new Ultimate 1000 Lifts purchased will come with the Mortuary Lift Exception Caring Certification Door Decal and directions of how to display the certification on your funeral home website.  If you have purchased an Ultimate 1000 Lift in the past please call Mortuary Lift Company (1-800-628-8809) to receive your Mortuary Lift Exceptional Caring Certificate Door Decal and website download.

The Ultimate 1000  Lifting System™ has been our hallmark for productivity and efficiency. Now we present our seal of approval showing that your company has installed this tool of success. It is time to spread the news that you have made compassion, dignity and loving care your priority.