The Stepper® electric stair climbing system has a 375 lbs. capacity and is lightweight and easily transportable.  This is your second attendant.  No more straining to lift the deceased up and down stairs.  The Stepper® electrically climbs and descends the stairs with ease.  The folding handle allows the attendant to stand upright when descending the stairs.  No more back strain or injury.  Easily maneuver around corners and tight spaces.  Sturdy microcellular wheels smoothly glide on any surface and never need inflating.

Designed with industry standards, The Stepper® is the same height as your removal cot when collapsed. When transferring, simply place The Stepper® next to your removal cot and slide the remains off the BodyGlide board onto your cot. The Stepper® can simply slide in next to your removal cot or it can lock into place in your removal vehicle.

We Heard You – The Stepper®

The number one question we are asked is, “How can you help me with home removals?”

Now more than ever, funeral professionals are being asked to do more for less… less time with family, less services, less income and less staff. This comes at a cost to their health. With the population ever increasing in size, more home deaths due to the increase in hospice care and the lack of income to hire more staff, funeral professionals are using their backs as collateral.

We heard you and we answered with The Stepper. Now there is no location in a home that a funeral professional of any gender, height, or size can’t access. Narrow hallways, a basement death, clutter, steep stairs, curved stairs, no room to maneuver a stretcher… none of this matters with The Stepper. We designed The Stepper with the same quality you’d expect from Mortuary Lift Company. We manufacture only the highest quality, most durable long lasting equipment because we understand that this industry is unpredictable and funeral professionals can’t be left to struggle. Light enough to take on every house call, you won’t leave without it.

“Every funeral home should have one.”

Doug Scott, Removal Service Owner

Stepper® Features

The Stepper® is like a second set of hands!

  • QuickStand™ release handle
  • Swivel handle
  • Steering handles
  • Strap locations
    • Head, chest, abdomen, thigh & calf
  • BodyGlide Board
    • Easily slide remains onto stretcher
  • Folding foot plate
  • Microcellular wheels that never need inflating!


  • Lightweight at only 55lbs.
  • Ergonomically designed to take the strain off of your back.
  • 375 lbs. Maximum load capacity.
  • 19″ by 72″ inches in dimension.
  • Accommodates up to 6′ shoulder height.
  • BodyGlide board slots are placed to secure the remains completely over or inside the body pouch.
  • Multiple strap locations in the BodyGlide board are useable for any size or stage of decomposing remains – secure head, chest, abdomen, thigh, calf.
  • User friendly controls for quick changed between ascending & descending stairs.
  • 2 ascent buttons – one located on each set of handles.
  • Rechargeable battery with charger (optional: second battery, car charger)
  • Easy vehicle loading with QuickStand™ – 2 different levers to implement QuickStand™
    • Two attendants needed when under-load to prevent tipping
  • Top handle has adjustable swivel movements while bottom set remains stationary.

Transportation Made Easy

The Stepper® raises in 3 Ergonomic Phases!

Let The Stepper® do the heavy lifting!

Tip The Stepper® back to load

Load height 22″ – 33″

Tip back for taller vehicles

Designed with industry standards The Stepper® is the same height as your removal cot when collapsed.  When transporting The Stepper® simply slide it next to your removal cot or it can lock into place in your removal vehicle.  The handles are the same width apart as you removal cot handles allowing it to slide into the holes in the bed of your removal vehicle.