The Stepper™ electric stair climbing system has a 375 capacity and is light weight and easily transportable.  This is your second attendant.  No more staining to lift the deceased up and down stairs.  The Stepper™ electrically climbs and decends the stairs with ease.  The folding handle allows the attendant to stand upright when decending the stairs.  No more back strain or injury.  Easily manuver around corners and tight spaces.  Sturdy wheels smoothly glide on any surface.

Designed with industry standards The Stepper™ is the same height as your removal cot when collapsed.  When transporting The Stepper™ simply slide it next to your removal cot or it can lock into place in your removal vehicle.  The handles are the same width apart as you removal cot handles allowing it to slide into the holes in the bed of your removal vehicle.