The nature of mortuary work poses physical risks to embalmers and funeral directors. Heavy lifting of caskets and stretchers, chemical mixing, and repetitive motion increase the likelihood of injury over time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 1,142 funeral home workers were fatally injured at work. Fortunately, there are many things that can help safeguard mortuary personnel and their well-being, including a casket lift. Here’s more information about ways you can avoid injury in your mortuary.


1. Train Staff on Proper Lifting Techniques


Transporting bodies onto preparation tables and then lowering caskets for ceremonies requires carefully choreographed mobility. Provide thorough training on using core strength, wide stances, slight knee bends, and flat backs to bear heavy weight down through the legs when lifting or carrying. For managed descents, like casket lowering, institute vocal cues, so teams take measured baby steps in unison. Also, enforce the use of mobility equipment like hydraulic lift carts, a casket lift, or rollers, so no staff member ever handles a casket solo. Proper body mechanics and assisted devices decrease strain.


2. Outfit Spaces With Ergonomic High-Volume Gear


Beyond lifting, embalming and makeup prep impose prolonged loading on wrist joints, fingers, lower back, and neck muscles as well. Combat fatigue by investing in salon-style hydraulic chairs that raise and lower bodies to appropriate working heights. Anti-fatigue matting adds a supportive cushion too. Likewise, replace awkward vintage embalming tables with models offering height adjustability via foot pump or electric controls. Bring bodies and tasks to suitable levels so staff can work comfortably with minimal hunching or reaching. Power injection embalming units also muffle repetitive trigger strain.


3. Rotate Activity Duties


Another preventative tactic involves rotating staff through various stations of duty. Taking a break to man the greeting desk work or do makeup prep can be a productive way to give employees’ muscles a break. Avoid confining just one individual to hundreds of consecutive repetitions in one spot. Cross-training preserves physical health while expanding professional expertise among small teams needing to pinch hit occasionally when understaffed. Beat monotony and address little aches before catastrophic injuries sideline your strongest funeral personnel unnecessarily.


In physical roles, minor accommodations add up to reduced injury risk, so mortuary staff sustain ability over lengthy tenures. Assess equipment upgrades or workflow plans annually as new health-conscious options enter the market. Keeping your team healthy means consistent community service through grieving guidance. Keeping yourself and your staff in your mortuary safe is important. We offer many products, including a casket lift, that help reduce injuries. Call Mortuary Lift Company now to learn about the products we have that can benefit you.