Lifting Uses

While our base unit is full featured and built to get the job done while increasing efficiency, The Mortuary Lift Company offers additional products you may want to consider. Depending on your specific circumstances these items can often pay for themselves in a short period of time by offering an even higher efficiency in getting the job done. 


Lifting and Dressing

Use to lift and move remains or use one strap at a time to lift one portion of the body to assist in dressing or lift only the torso to aid in embalming obese cases.


Use The Ultimate 1000 Lift Logo to move remains in or out of caskets with one person operation.

The Ultimate 1000 Lift Logo easily lifts caskets with remains and allows you to move them about your workspace, also with one person operation. The black, nylon casket straps secure the casket while lifting.

Crating & Shipping

Remains and caskets can easily be lifted from awkward air trays.