Common Monorail Track Designs

ALL-ACCESS™ Track System

Our customized track systems offer more versatility in your prep room. A beneficial upgrade from the standard stationary mount, the many different track configurations give you the freedom to easily streamline your processes.

Move your case to any position in your prep room. This system allows “U” shaped movement - side to side - diagonal - perpendicular - or 180º when FREEDOM PIVOT™ upgrade is added. Customized to any room dimension. The complete system is made up of TWO SIDE RUNWAYS, A BRIDGE, and THE LIFT AND TROLLEY. (FREEDOM PIVOT™ can be added to the system).

Enlarge All-Access Track Design

"T" Pivot Monorail

With the addition of our Freedom Pivot, your lift can rotate 180o to help move cases from the prep table to the casket with ease.

Enlarge "T" Pivot Monorail Image

"L" Movement Monorail

Enlarge "L" Movement Monorail Image

Two Station Perpendicular Mount

Enlarge Two Station Perpendicular Mount Image

Single Station Perpendicular Mount

Enlarge Single Station Perpendicular Mount Image