Ultimate 1000 Lift Increases Productivity at Ferncliff Crematory

December 2016 – Springfield, OH – Ferncliff Cemetery, Arboretum & Crematory announces the installation of the Ultimate 1000 Lift™, manufactured by Mortuary Lift. Ferncliff, which added cremation services to its 153-year-old organization in 2012, is experiencing dual benefits from the addition: increased efficiency as well as injury prevention among its staff.

“We should have installed the lift six months ago,” comments Stan Spitler, Superintendent at Ferncliff, who quickly recognized the advantages of the Ultimate 1,000. “In just a month, the mortuary lift has simplified the loading of cremation cases into the retort, making the process not only physically easier but also faster, safer and more efficient.”

The safety of its employees was a key consideration in choosing the Mortuary Lift product. “Our work is physical and strenuous, often requiring several employees. Now, lifting even an oversized case can be done simply by one person.” Spitler points out the convenience of the remote control function, the ease of removing a case from a casket directly into a cremation container or retort and the practical benefit of the lift’s ability to handle up to 1,000 pounds.

Katie Hill, CEO of Mortuary Lift, appreciates Spitler’s positive feedback, but the comments are not new to her. Her company’s lifts and track systems have been custom-engineered to meet the evolving needs of the death-care industry for more than 50 years. "The flexibility in this machine allows it to adapt to every situation.  We've seen it transition from being a body lift to a casket lift to a retort lift and now to an alkaline hydrolysis lift.  It's been really wonderful to be able to help in all of these situation."

Her company recognizes that as demand for cremation rises, cremation costs become more competitive. “Because of the narrowing cremation profits, crematories have started adjusting their work flow to reduce costs.   They've seen the value in purchasing our Ultimate 1000 Lift to streamline the process, eliminate injury and reduce payroll.”  

“Mortuary Lift makes an outstanding product,” says Spitler. “And they are a great company to work with.”

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