Parts Offered by The Mortuary Lift Company

The Mortuary Lift Company offers various parts for your convenience. These parts are broken into three groups to help make finding what you need more convenient. The three categories are described below.


Mounting Parts

These parts are those that are used for various mounting positions and uses of our lift.

Track Mounting Parts

Track mounting parts are the parts used for mounting the track. These will include the track parts themselves, straight and curved sections, as well as the various parts needed for different uses. You will find track brackets, bumpers, gliders, trollies, hanger assemblies as well as track joints in this section.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts consist of items that may from time to time need replaced due to wear or damage. If you are looking for new straps, head sling, grommets, oil or even a new fiberglass cover this is the section you want.