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Our ULTIMATE 1000 LIFT™ is a top quality, dependable body lift used by funeral homes, morgues and hospitals worldwide. For over 50 years, the ULTIMATE 1000 LIFT™ and track systems has continued to be one of the best selling lifts in the funeral industry. Through the years, we have continued to enhance and adapt its features to improve what was already a superior product. Engineered specifically for the funeral, morgue and hospital industry, this heavy duty lift is the only All-in-One Lifting™ system a business will ever need. At the Mortuary Lift Company, we stand behind our product because we know how well it is made, it is the ultimate in prep-room lifting. Try one, you will find it the ultimate lift as well.

Let us help you determine the best lift solution for your business. You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Give us a call at (800) 628-8809 and we can help find the best fit.
  2. Order the below Ultimate 1000 Lift Request for Quote and we will contact you and help determine what will work best for you and your situation and provide a custom quote.

If you would like to get a head start on configuring your lift, download, fill out, and fax this form to us System Quote Request.pdf.

The ULTIMATE 1000 LIFT™ will help you be more efficient, reduce labor cost and just make your work easier. Once you have one of our lifts you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

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Price: $2,850.00

Weighing of remains has become highly important in today’s marketplace. Increase cost are incurred for excessive weights during shipping and cremating remains. This scale streamlines the process by weighing remains while transferring to embalming table or casket. It also conserves valuable floor space by being integrated with the lift in the ceiling.

*Note to Customer: If you are adding a load scale to a previously purchased and installed Ultimate 1000 Lift with a Track system, you will need to purchase a new trolley to  install with your new Load Scale. This is due to design differences between units. Call us directly at 1-800-628-8809 and we will make sure you are provided with all the equipment you will need to operate your Ultimate 1000 Lift.

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Price: $6,550.00

The Stepper™ electric stair climbing system has a 375 capacity and is light weight and easily transportable.  This is your second attendant.  No more staining to lift the deceased up and down stairs.  The Stepper™ electrically climbs and decends the stairs with ease.  The folding handle allows the attendant to stand upright when decending the stairs.  No more back strain or injury.  Easily manuver around corners and tight spaces.  Sturdy wheels smoothly glide on any surface.

Designed with industry standards The Stepper™ is the same height as your removal cot when collapsed.  When transporting The Stepper™ simply slide it next to your removal cot or it can lock into place in your removal vehicle.  The handles are the same width apart as you removal cot handles allowing it to slide into the holes in the bed of your removal vehicle.


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Price: $0.00

The Ultimate 1000 Lift™

Order this item for a custom quote! The Ultimate 1000 Lift™ is the only lift in the business that can do ALL the lifting you will need.

One person can do the work of many. No more back strain, no waiting for help, treat the remains with dignity. Use one strap at a time to lift one portion of the body to assist in the dressing or lift only the torso to aid in embalming obese cases.

The ULTIMATE 1000 Lift™ increases single operator productivity and safety. Moving and dressing remains is no longer a two person operation. Remains and casket are easily lifted from akward air trays. Custom built to last a lifetime


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